Tony McGeorge

Tony McGeorge

Tony McGeorge is a well-known restaurateur in New Zealand and co-owner of Comensa, the group behind several acclaimed eateries, including Café Hanoi, Ghost Street, and Perch. He is known for his passion for culinary excellence and ability to create unique dining experiences.

Alongside his business partner, Krishna Botica, McGeorge has played a crucial role in developing Comensa into a celebrated name in New Zealand’s dining scene. Each of the group’s establishments offers distinct culinary experiences yet shares a common DNA: they are located in vibrant districts. They are renowned for blending classic and contemporary dishes from the East.

Café Hanoi opened in 2010 and was the duo’s first venture into the restaurant business. It quickly gained popularity for its contemporary take on Vietnamese cuisine. The success of Café Hanoi led to the launch of Ghost Street in 2021, further establishing George’s status as a leading restaurateur. Ghost Street draws inspiration from China’s vibrant street food culture and offers a lively and immersive dining experience.

The establishments under Comensa are more than just restaurants; they are cultural experiences that celebrate the diversity of Asian cuisine. Tony McGeorge’s success in the hospitality industry is not only due to his culinary expertise but also his ability to create spaces that resonate with patrons, offering exceptional food and an inviting atmosphere.

Tony McGeorge’s contributions to New Zealand’s hospitality landscape extend beyond his role with Comensa. His involvement in the culinary world has made him a respected figure, known for his innovative approaches and commitment to providing top-notch dining experiences. His journey from opening Café Hanoi to overseeing a collection of successful restaurants showcases his dedication to culinary innovation and excellence in the world of hospitality.

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