Nicholas Harlow

Nicholas Harlow

Born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, Nicholas Harlow is a pioneering entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of Berkano Foods, an innovative company focusing on plant-based food innovation.

From a young age, Nick developed a love for cooking, learning his culinary skills from his nana, Fay. After graduating from high school, he pursued a degree in audio engineering from the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ). He started his professional career as a warehouse manager. However, Nick felt unfulfilled after a year and yearned for something more meaningful.

Nick’s life changed when he discovered veganism. He became passionate about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and the environmental and health impacts of the meat, dairy, and egg industries. He decided to invest his savings into a business aligned with his newfound passion. This decision marked the beginning of his journey into the plant-based food industry.

In 2017, Nick co-founded Berkano Foods in Christchurch with Britteny Bryan. The company specialises in creating delicious, frozen, and ready-to-eat vegan meals sold in supermarkets across New Zealand and online. Berkano Foods has become known for its innovative plant-based alternatives to classic dishes. The company’s products include Thai green curry, butter chicken, rigatoni bolognese, and golden peanut satay tofu, all featuring high-quality plant-based ingredients instead of meat.

Under Harlow’s leadership, Berkano Foods has made significant strides in plant-based food manufacturing, reflecting his extensive knowledge and foresight about the sector’s future growth. In 2019, Berkano Foods was honoured as the Champion Producer/Manufacturer for Small Enterprise at the Westpac Champion Business Awards, a testament to the company’s innovation and excellence in the plant-based food industry.

Nicholas Harlow and Britteny Bryan’s recognition in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list for the Arts in 2020 highlights their significant contributions to the plant-based sector and the arts through their entrepreneurial endeavours. Nick’s journey from audio engineering to leading a successful plant-based food enterprise exemplifies his dedication, innovation, and ability to transform his passions into a thriving business.

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