John Holt

John Holt

John Holt, a serial entrepreneur from New Zealand, has made significant contributions to the country’s business and innovation landscape. He is best known for launching the human resources technology firm Sonar6 in 2006, which he later sold to the NASDAQ-listed company Cornerstone on Demand in 2012 for US$14 million. In addition to his success with Sonar6, Holt has been instrumental in other ventures, including establishing

One of Holt’s most impactful achievements is the creation of the Kiwi Landing Pad in 2010, a non-profit organisation designed to help New Zealand businesspeople acclimatise to the competitive environment of San Francisco’s Bay Area. The Kiwi Landing Pad serves as a bridge for New Zealand entrepreneurs and startups seeking to expand their reach into international markets, particularly the United States.

Based in Wellington, John Holt is also actively involved in various non-profit activities beyond his business endeavours. He is the Chairperson and Trustee of the FreeForAll Charitable Trust and Chair/Founder of Kiwi Landing Pad Limited, trading as Territory 3. His commitment to fostering growth in New Zealand’s technology and innovation ecosystem is evident in his varied roles and initiatives.

Outside of his professional life, Holt is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys mountain biking and kayaking and is an aviator in training at the Wellington Aero Club. This diverse range of interests and activities reflects his dynamic personality and dedication to his professional and personal pursuits.

Overall, John Holt’s journey as a serial entrepreneur and dedication to supporting New Zealand’s global business presence underscores his significant role in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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