Hadleigh Ford

Hadleigh Ford

Hadleigh Ford, a visionary entrepreneur from New Zealand, founded SwipedOn in 2013, a pioneering visitor management system that has redefined how businesses handle their reception areas globally. SwipedOn operates from Tauranga, New Zealand, and is Ford’s innovative solution to the need for a modern, efficient visitor management system. The digital solution has filled a critical gap in modern workplace efficiency and has gained global recognition.

At the age of 17, Ford started his professional career in the maritime industry. He trained to become a ship’s captain. He served several years on vessels such as container ships, cruise ships, and superyachts. Through his diverse experiences, he gained a deep understanding of operational efficiency and leadership in challenging environments.

In 2012, Hadleigh Ford shifted to a new role as a Harbour Pilot in New Zealand. In this position, he safely guided vessels up to 260 metres (850 feet) in and out of a small port. This job allowed him to develop precision, decision-making, and risk-management skills. These attributes would later prove essential to his success in the tech industry.

He transitioned into entrepreneurship when he identified the need for a more efficient, secure, and modern visitor management system. To meet this requirement, he developed SwipedOn. This sleek and user-friendly platform enables businesses worldwide to manage their reception areas effectively. Since its inception, SwipedOn has transformed visitor management for thousands of companies across various sectors, streamlining their operations and enhancing security.

Under Ford’s leadership as the founder and CEO, SwipedOn has emerged as a testament to the power of leveraging diverse experiences to drive technological advancements and operational efficiencies in the business world.

Hadleigh Ford’s journey from navigating the world’s oceans to steering a successful tech startup showcases his adaptability, visionary leadership, and commitment to innovation. Ford’s unique and varied experiences have contributed to his groundbreaking entrepreneurial success, making him a compelling example for others to follow.

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