Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor is a resourceful entrepreneur and co-founder of Partly. He has significantly influenced the automotive parts industry with his innovative approach. Founded in 2020, Partly has become a game-changer in how automotive parts are bought and sold, thanks to Taylor’s visionary leadership and his business partner, Levi Fawcett.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey with Partly, Taylor studied engineering and computer science at the University of Canterbury, where he acquired critical technical skills and analytical thinking that have been pivotal in navigating the challenges of the automotive parts industry. His professional experience managing e-commerce platforms gave him a deep understanding of online marketplaces, digital technologies, and consumer needs.

Taylor’s educational background and experience in e-commerce were valuable in developing Partly’s unique platform, which efficiently connects sellers to a comprehensive vehicle database, revolutionising the parts-matching process.

Under Nathan Taylor’s co-leadership, Partly has quickly become an essential tool in the automotive industry, known for its accuracy, efficiency, and user-friendly interface. The platform’s success is a testament to Taylor’s expertise in technology and e-commerce and Levi’s deep understanding of the automotive market’s needs.

Nathan Taylor’s journey exemplifies his innovative spirit, technical prowess, and entrepreneurial acumen. His contributions to the automotive parts industry through Partly have established him as a prominent figure in automotive technology and entrepreneurship.

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