Anna Mowbray

Anna Mowbray

Anna Mowbray is an esteemed entrepreneur and innovator from New Zealand, renowned for co-founding ZURU, a leading global toy company, and creating ZEIL, an innovative job marketplace often likened to ‘Tinder for Jobs.’ Since its inception in 2003, Mowbray has been instrumental in ZURU’s growth, propelling it to achieve over $1 billion in revenue and become the third largest privately held toy company worldwide.

As ZURU’s CEO, Mowbray’s responsibilities span many areas, including human resources, operations, marketing, distribution, product development, and finance. Her leadership has been pivotal in diversifying ZURU into the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, launching successful brands in various categories. Mowbray’s significant impact in manufacturing and licensing has been recognised with awards such as the NZ Entrepreneur of the Year and the 2020 Wonder Woman in Manufacturing.

After a 17-year tenure in China expanding ZURU, Anna Mowbray returned to New Zealand, broadening her entrepreneurial efforts. In 2022, she launched ZEIL, a job marketplace quickly gaining traction for its user-friendly and innovative approach to recruitment. ZEIL stands out in the job market sector with its engaging, dynamic interface, catering to both job seekers and businesses. Mowbray’s strategy focuses on storytelling and brand building, aiming to provide significant value to job applicants and organisations, disrupting the traditional job market with a fresh perspective.

Anna Jane Mowbray’s business philosophy centres around building a solid team culture, running efficient operations, and fostering success. Her leadership style is characterised by authenticity and intention. She aims to make a lasting impact across various industries by prioritising creativity, growth, and innovation. Her professional journey reflects an admirable balance of success and personal growth, as she managed to raise her three children while transforming ZURU into a multinational powerhouse and building ZEIL from the ground up.

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