Krishna Botica

Krishna Botica

Born in 1971, Krishna Botica is a renowned restaurateur and co-owner of Comensa with partner Tony McGeorge, the group behind three award-winning restaurants: Café Hanoi, Ghost Street, and Perch. These restaurants offer unique dining experiences that reflect Botica’s significant impact on the gastronomic scene in New Zealand.

Botica’s entry into the hospitality industry began with the opening of Café Hanoi in 2010. This modern Vietnamese eatery in a vibrant neighbourhood quickly became a culinary landmark in Auckland. Café Hanoi is celebrated for its innovative approach to traditional Vietnamese cuisine, blending authentic flavours with a contemporary twist. It has gained recognition for both its food and ambience.

In 2021, Botica expanded her culinary portfolio with the launch of Ghost Street. This addition to the Comensa group reflects her deep appreciation for Asian cuisine. Ghost Street draws inspiration from China’s vibrant street food culture. It provides a lively and immersive dining experience, further enhancing Botica’s reputation for designing distinctive and lively eateries in parts of the city.

Despite their varied culinary offerings, each of Comensa’s restaurants, co-owned and managed by Botica and McGeorge, shares a common DNA. They are all situated in dynamic urban settings. They are known for their unique spaces, classic and contemporary dishes from the East, and commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences.

Botica’s journey in the culinary world, from the inception of Café Hanoi, XuXu Dumpling Bar, and Saan to the establishment of Comensa, is a testament to her passion for food, business planning, entrepreneurial acumen, and ability to create diverse yet interconnected dining concepts. An essential part of her work, together with McGeorge, has not only delighted diners but has also significantly contributed to the diversity and richness of New Zealand’s restaurant landscape.

As Krishna Botica continues to explore and innovate in the hospitality industry, her influence as a restaurateur remains a driving force in shaping New Zealand’s dining culture, making her a pivotal figure in the country’s gastronomic community.

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