Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a distinguished New Zealand entrepreneur and co-founder of Allbirds, a pioneering company in the sustainable footwear industry. The company’s commitment to designing environmentally friendly shoes resonates with the modern, eco-conscious market, thanks to Brown’s innovative approach and unwavering dedication to sustainability. His remarkable journey began in professional football, where he represented New Zealand internationally. This experience honed his competitive spirit and gave him unique insights into the importance of functional and comfortable footwear.

Transitioning from sports to entrepreneurship, Brown furthered his education at the London School of Economics and Political Science, signifying a significant shift in his career path towards business and sustainable design. In 2014, Brown initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production of wool sneakers, marking the birth of Allbirds. The campaign’s success was a clear indication of the market’s interest in sustainable footwear options. Allbirds was officially launched in 2016. Joey Zwillinger, an expert in biotech engineering and renewable materials, joined as a co-founder.

The company quickly became famous for its minimalist, comfortable shoes made from natural materials like merino wool, eucalyptus tree fibre, and sugarcane-based foam. Under Brown’s leadership, Allbirds has not only championed the use of sustainable materials but also continuously explored innovations to reduce environmental impact. The brand’s popularity soared, appealing to a broad audience, from eco-conscious consumers to Silicon Valley professionals.

Tim Brown’s vision and leadership at Allbirds have earned him recognition in the sustainable fashion industry. His approach to creating stylish and environmentally friendly products has positioned Allbirds as a leader in this space, significantly influencing the fashion industry’s production and consumption of footwear. Brown’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, a testament to his innovative thinking, commitment to sustainability, and ability to impact the fashion industry profoundly.

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