Pablo Kraus

Pablo Kraus

Pablo Kraus is a well-known personality in the New Zealand business circle. He was born in Germany and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. Kraus completed his studies in digital design with honours from the Vancouver Film School. During the initial years of his career, he worked as an interactive developer for five years.

Pablo Kraus is well known for his involvement in his family’s business, PK Group. He became the director of every company within the group in 2014. One of his most notable positions is as the Group Managing Director of Ecostore. This brand specialises in sustainable home and body care products. Ecostore is known for its environmentally friendly and sustainable focus. Furthermore, Kraus is involved in other ventures, including serving as the director of the media website Newsroom.

Kraus is committed to sustainability and innovation in his business approach. For example, he initiated the launch of a plastic reusable programme under his leadership at Ecostore, demonstrating his commitment to addressing environmental issues, such as plastic waste.

Moreover, Kraus values a work-life balance. He emphasises the significance of family time and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes his hobbies of drawing and photography.

These details about Pablo Kraus showcase his multifaceted role as a business leader, creative professional, and family man, deeply invested in promoting sustainability and innovation in business practices.

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