Levi Fawcett

Levi Fawcett

Levi Fawcett is an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and a passion for the automotive industry. His innovative approach led to the co-creation of Partly in 2020. This platform significantly simplifies the process of finding and buying auto parts. Fawcett’s journey includes building a caravan for university accommodation, founding four businesses before graduating, and an impactful stint at Rocket Lab. He co-founded Partly with Nathan Taylor to address challenges in locating suitable car parts.

Partly is a startup based in New Zealand that has simplified the process of finding and buying auto parts. Partly is one of the fastest-growing startups in the country, addressing the challenges of finding suitable car parts.

Partly has resolved a longstanding issue in the automotive industry by connecting sellers with a comprehensive vehicle database, ensuring that buyers only see parts that are compatible with their vehicles. Fawcett’s entrepreneurial achievements were recognised when he was named in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

Fawcett has set his sights on expanding Partly’s business into the European market. He recognises the potential and demand in that region. The company has raised significant capital in various funding rounds, reflecting investors’ confidence in Fawcett’s vision. The funds have been crucial in expanding Partly’s capabilities, particularly enhancing the engineering team’s ability to tackle complex problems.

Under Levi Fawcett’s leadership, Partly is well-positioned to become a leading global business in the automotive parts sector. The company’s ambitious mission and the team’s dedication make it a promising venture in the industry.

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