How to Use the Law of Attraction for Business Success

Have you considered using the law of attraction to boost business success? If so, you might wonder where to start. You probably know you must draw what you…

Have you considered using the law of attraction to boost business success? If so, you might wonder where to start. You probably know you must draw what you want to you, but aren’t sure how. Become familiar with the fundamental concept of attraction and your understanding will grow.

Like attracts like

The law of attraction draws whatever vibrates at a similar rate. Think of yourself as a transmitter sending signals. When you vibrate on the level of disappointment because you haven’t met company goals, for instance, you attract negative experiences matching your frequency. So, you need to project the energy of success if you want your business to prosper.

Many people think they need only picture their business run smoothly to achieve positive results. They create vision boards and imagine wealth and accolades flowing their way. The exercise, however, won’t help if it’s not carried out correctly.

The missing ingredient

Vision boards, affirmations, and other techniques are tools rather than spells. The real magic comes when you link them with heartfelt emotion. Experts think it’s necessary to connect words with visualisation and feelings from the heart to make attraction flow.

If you try to make attraction work for you with positive statements and visualisation, yet fail, you probably missed the vital ingredient of passion. Comparably, you can pour boiling water in a teapot, but you won’t make tea if you forget to use tea leaves.

Tools such as visualisation direct the flow of energy to the heart, helping you access emotions. They are like the hot water used to infuse the tea. The analogy is the closest description of attraction people comprehend so far.

Make the law of attraction work for your business

Know what you want to attract. You wouldn’t get far if you wanted to make a hot drink but hadn’t chosen the kind you wished to brew. The same goes for business success. What does success mean to you? A bigger office? Greater cash flow? More clients? Specify your needs.

Next, gather tools. Just as you require a teapot, kettle, water, and cup to make tea, you need tools to assist with attraction. Bear in mind words and pictures are necessary, so you might imagine new clients walk into your office if you want customers. Plus, you may say an affirmation like “customers stream in and out of my office from everywhere.”

Now generate the right vibrations. To attract patrons, imagine the joy and excitement of building your client-base and forging successful deals. Consider what success will feel like in your body. For instance, the vibrations may be like a surge of happiness. Focus on your heart as you continue to picture victory and repeat affirmations.

You’ll know if you’ve infused your emotion using your chosen tools if you feel terrific. The right frequency is reached when your emotions boil with a feeling akin to joy. Stop thinking about your business’s success when the excitement fades and do something different for a few moments.

Hint; once you’ve consumed your tea, you don’t try to shake more out of the cup. Many people don’t know when they’ve finished an attraction exercise and continue until their energy slumps. Negative thoughts arise and become ingredients in their attraction recipe.

To boost business success using the law of attraction, brew the emotion of what you want with words and pictures. When you notice your heart fill with a happy glow, stop. Don’t think about the exercise when you’ve finished because you don’t want to add feelings of doubt to the mix. You can repeat the exercise, but only when you are positive. When you’re down, raise your vibration by doing something fun, and the law of attraction will continue to work for you.

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