Daisy Lab Disrupts Dairy Industry with Breakthrough in Animal-Identical Whey Proteins

In a world where cutting-edge food technology is reshaping global markets, Daisy Lab, a pioneering company based in New Zealand, is ‘rethinking dairy…

In a world where cutting-edge food technology is reshaping global markets, Daisy Lab, a pioneering company based in New Zealand, is ‘rethinking dairy’ by driving a transformative approach to dairy production. The company understands the urgent need for New Zealand to lead in this sector to maintain its esteemed reputation in the dairy industry and capitalise on economic opportunities.

Daisy Lab, founded in 2021 by Irina Miller, Nicole (Nikki) Freed, and Emily McIsaac, is not just another biotech start-up. It represents a paradigm shift in food production. Recognising the need to reduce the environmental footprint of traditional dairy farming, the company is at the forefront of developing a microbial system capable of producing dairy proteins more sustainably. Their innovative process promises to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97% compared to conventional dairy farming methods.

Daisy Lab Co-Founders Irina Miller, Dr. Nikki Freed, Emily McIsaac

Daisy Lab’s Recent Breakthrough

Daisy Lab has made remarkable strides in the field in just over a year since its establishment. The team has developed three whey protein expression systems using yeast and raised $1.5 million for scaling production. Their fermentation platform boasts a production capacity of 10g of protein per litre of the growth medium, far exceeding the initial goal of 3 grams. This high protein yield aligns with traditional dairy processing techniques, allowing the use of standard ultrafiltration and diafiltration equipment for protein powder production.

New Zealand’s established dairy processing industry provides an advantageous backdrop for Daisy Lab’s innovative approach, especially considering the country’s significant emissions from animal agriculture, including the dairy sector.

“Our focus remains on continuing to increase the yield, aspiring to reach up to 20 or potentially 30 grams per litre in the not-so-distant future.”

– Emily McIsaac, co-founder and COO of Daisy Lab.

Beyond Whey Proteins

Daisy Lab’s aspirations extend beyond whey protein. The company has ventured into producing other essential dairy proteins like casein and lactoferrin, which have already shown promising results in laboratory settings. The following 12 months are poised to be transformative for the company as they scale these processes and seek further investment to establish a pilot plant.

Daisy Lab’s innovative efforts signify New Zealand’s commitment to innovative, sustainable food production. In pursuing environmentally friendly dairy alternatives, Daisy Lab is not just diversifying food production; they are leading a vital transition for the planet and the economy. The company ensures that New Zealand remains at the forefront of the global dairy industry, even amidst a rapidly changing world.

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